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You are invited, come, dine at this bountiful feast the Father has prepared for you.  Taste freely of rich fare and choice wine.  Let your hearts flow full of love on this Thanksgiving Day.

…for love of God, faith, family and friends…

and thanks to Ulysses S. Grant, 18th President of the United States, for sealing Thanksgiving Thursday as a national holiday…and God bless America…

sincerely, yourscribeforlove

A RE-BLOG POST – Into the Depths of Soul

Thank you Susana, this post is as if you are reading my soul, so I am happy to re-blog it for a worthy second glance here…poignant indeed.  Family, hope you will visit her site at:

Susana Cabaco

Into the depths of soul

I am withdrawing naturally as the days get shorter (and the moon is waning). It’s a following nature spiritual sync. There is an inner necessity for diving within, a spiritual urge to plunge into the depths of my soul. The inner calling calls me to reach new depths, new levels of being/experience never touched before. The great mysteries of Existence, which also reside within, are ready to be (re-)discovered/awakened from soul stockroom.

Old traumas and repressed feelings need now to be released. They are the blockages not allowing me to go further ahead and deeper within. There is/will be a lot of pain, confusion and instability, but the inner turmoil has to be faced so it can be cleared. It’s like deliberately diving into the darkness to rescue a light-full part of me (being) that waits in stillness/silence to shine. A new level of being is awakening and I want…

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Mt. Helena Washington State

Do you ever think about what heaven is like?  It’s not often that someone writes about it and comes across my eyes to share with you.  This gift is by author Ronald A. Knox, a British apologist writing:

“When we get to heaven – if we get to heaven – we shall realize what we believe is true…the strange old people we used to see in stained glass windows will be real people…the Resurrection, we shall be conscious of it at every instant of our being…we shall be in conscious communion with the saints; our transgressions instead of looking black will be rose-hued like clouds at sunset with the grace of final forgiveness.  We shall be risen, soul and body pulsing at every moment with the energies of an everlasting life.”

What fresh hope we have in seeking heaven.