“If I were to put all the love in the world into one heart it would be merely a spark in comparison with the love the heart of Jesus has for you and me.”

–Mother Angelica

I think, today, I will prepare for rainy days, cancel all business, swoon in deep conversations, daydream, recharge, love my husband, our home and furry pets, and allow the Christmas wind to offer me new ideas, thoughts and feelings and ponder what life is all about as the new year approaches.  What about you?

The Christmas decorations may be dismantled, but not Christ’s Love for the world, for you and me.

with grateful affection, yourscribeforlove



Exotic made calm

That’s at the heart of New Year

dispelling all fears

That’s why Christ came as a babe in the manger so we would not be afraid to love him.

“It’s not enough to love, people have to feel that they are loved.”

–St. John Bosco

I pray you feel loved as you read this – if not – I Love You!  –your scribeforlove