Gee Whiz!  Celebrating New Year’s Day is 31 days past.  All my plants are thriving indoor.  Hopefully, no more home repairs–everything was done last year.  I delight in feeding the swallows, blue jays and cardinals with breadcrumbs and bird seeds.  My resolutions for hope, trust, confidence, staying healthy and keeping my mind stimulated with good reads, writing with focus and praying more are spot on.  Thanks, Lord, January has been so good to me.  I only hope yours has been as good or even better.

Welcome, February!  This month when sparks fly for Love and romance is center stage, I wish you happiness.  I wish for one or two days of snow to romp in with my doggies.  Making a King cake for Mardi Gras is on my list before Ash Wednesday that begins the 40 days of Lenten conversion.  I see love in all of these things and before we realize, March will begin to pop up green for Spring…with more love to come.

May you be blessed this February and know that my joy is in You!


“The heart that loves is always young.”  –Greek Proverb





Behold I am Coming by Kristin Replogle



An unusual holy card given me recently delights me to feature the inspirational art of Kristin Replogle who lives near me.  Most of her images stem from dreams and visions while in prayer.  Her work reflects the immense love and gratitude she has received from the Lord in physical healing giving her a new lease on life…which inspires this


Beyond all measure

It is good to be alive

Body and soul united

Her gallery can be found at

I will post more of Kristin’s art in the coming weeks.


Concluding Angel Short Story

I beckon my guardian angel Alexandria’s guidance for everything in my life…in this instance she did not fail me…

April 10, 2010…Driving home from work, after praying the rosary, I was impacted by a dreadful screeching sound. I saw my car rising into air while simultaneously hearing a sweet voice saying, “Patricia, let’s just do this together.”  I echoed a mental “yes” as the car spun once, twice, and at a third turn I could no longer hold the steering wheel…forging into this space, the car traveled on the roof’s edge, metal scraping down the highway for what seemed to be eternal, gravity finally flipping the car onto the pavement, wheels still spinning, I found myself hanging upside down in this pure grace moment of silence…musing…I am still alive!  Alexandria, you did this for me?

A young man pulling me out of the wreck had run a stop sign, repeating, “I’m so sorry, please forgive me..I nodded yes.  The next voice, a paramedic, said, “young lady, you are very lucky today.”  Smiling back at him, “no luck, sir, it was my guardian angel Alexandria who saved me…she always places God before my eyes and reach!

Thank You, God!  Angels do protect us from harm and evil.


I’m delighted you have come back…

Lanetta was another special “angel” friend, a dedicated nurse.  Sitting next to her in the pew, I sensed her deep sorrow as she sobbed uncontrollably, so I wrapped my arm around her tiny shoulders whispering, “Jesus will help you.”  We remained clutched together as everyone exited the church.  When we parted, she said, “Thank you, you feel like an angel, you remind me of my mother – O how I miss her”…that is how our intense friendship began.

We met often dining out.  On one such occasion she brought me a magnificent angel doll which I immediately named her Alexandria, my guardian angel.  Lanetta was often troubled saying that her life had turned out badly.  We spoke for long hours about God and His unfathomable mercy.  We would often pray to dispel her anxieties…two days later, her husband called…she died September 9, 2013.  Struck with devastation, my prayers increased for her eternal rest.  I begged God to give me a sign that Lanetta was happily reunited with her parents.  With my eyes closed, tears streaming down my face, I noticed a bright silhouette near the altar wondering, “Is that you, Lanetta? I miss you so much.”  She answered me with a glowing countenance.  Yes!  to this day I am convinced it was Lanetta.  Amazing grace flows when you BELIEVE!

Please stay tuned for my final angel story on tomorrow…and meanwhile may you catch a glimpse for “All Things Angels” around you.