I’m delighted you have come back…

Lanetta was another special “angel” friend, a dedicated nurse.  Sitting next to her in the pew, I sensed her deep sorrow as she sobbed uncontrollably, so I wrapped my arm around her tiny shoulders whispering, “Jesus will help you.”  We remained clutched together as everyone exited the church.  When we parted, she said, “Thank you, you feel like an angel, you remind me of my mother – O how I miss her”…that is how our intense friendship began.

We met often dining out.  On one such occasion she brought me a magnificent angel doll which I immediately named her Alexandria, my guardian angel.  Lanetta was often troubled saying that her life had turned out badly.  We spoke for long hours about God and His unfathomable mercy.  We would often pray to dispel her anxieties…two days later, her husband called…she died September 9, 2013.  Struck with devastation, my prayers increased for her eternal rest.  I begged God to give me a sign that Lanetta was happily reunited with her parents.  With my eyes closed, tears streaming down my face, I noticed a bright silhouette near the altar wondering, “Is that you, Lanetta? I miss you so much.”  She answered me with a glowing countenance.  Yes!  to this day I am convinced it was Lanetta.  Amazing grace flows when you BELIEVE!

Please stay tuned for my final angel story on tomorrow…and meanwhile may you catch a glimpse for “All Things Angels” around you.