Do you believe in Angels?  I certainly do…may this series of short stories delight your senses with awe…

Joan is a longtime friend.  I met her at church, her presence attracted me as she  bowed towards the sanctuary in an aura of reverence that I yearned for myself.  She shared about her niece who is a hidden visionary bedridden in frail illness who oftentimes converses with Jesus.  I believed her and quickly asked Joan if her niece could reveal the names of my family’s guardian angels.  Months passed, while at church again, Joan slipped a piece of paper into my hand where the names were written…how thrilling!  To this day I honor these guardian angels daily and especially when something urgent or dreadful unfolds.

My next encounter with Angels came through Mother Angelica as she described the Nine Choirs of Angels…further captivated by their decreeing duties, most especially the Dominions who disperse weather conditions.  At the roar of thunder or lightning strike, I often say, “O God, please give us your mercy!”  You see, our guardian angels help us prepare for our eternal destination.  They always keep sight of God for our personal intentions.  They forever protect us so we may achieve our individual destiny.

Angels continue to come my way.  Once, my husband came home with a large box from a yard sale.  “Here,” he said, “these are for you,” quickly tearing off the newspaper wrapping, I discovered three layers of angel figurines made of metal, wax, ceramic and crystal in various shapes and colors…my heart rejoiced at this treasure.  In time, I have passed them along as gifts and retained a few to keep.

Let’s pause for now as I continue posting more angel stories…hoping you will come back for more…




Snow on The Road in Louveciennes by Alfred Sisley


When my eyes first caught sight of Alfred Sisley’s wintery country lane near Paris, I  was puzzled by his British name. How did he get so renowned alongside the famous French Impressionist painters of the mid 1800s?

At second glance, I found the scene forlorn with drab colors, shades of silvery snow and hazy violet sky.  Then the snowy lane brought back a pleasant childhood memory:  How my Papa read from the Readers Digest to teach me English by a wood-burning stove while my Maman taught me everything else in French.  I found another connection with Alfred.  He tried to become a French citizen, but was not granted it, while I became French automatically.  This winter scene also reminds me of Provence where I grew up and where it gets very cold due to the wicked Mistral wind.

The notable French Impressionists were prolific painters living in poverty as Alfred did so.  What made his work stand out from that group was his passion for landscapes, especially missing his British countryside, rather than painting French city life.

In his short lifespan of 59 years, Alfred Sisley produced 900 oil paintings, 100 pastels and numerous drawings, adding more color to his art.  No mention of faith appeared in his various biographies.  However, he must have had a divine connection with creation and nature to have drawn so many pieces of art depicting such soothing outdoor landscapes like at Louveciennes.  I now feel akin to him and appreciate his entire collection.


How I am encouraged by the refreshing new look of your site and this post which deserves a second glance here. I join you in the march for battle with the Lord this 2020.

The Godly Chic Diaries

I used to be a queen at beating myself up for not being on top of everything. I somehow had let the belief system that success was on me. But, let me tell you — there is ALWAYS a better way with Jesus. It all comes down to what we prioritize in our hearts. I learned quickly to surrender what my idea of success was, and remind myself it’s okay to not do everything perfectly. So today, if you can relate — give yourself a big dose of grace and remember just how far you have come and how far God has brought you. Amen!

I have always admired the Prophet Moses. He was truly a miracle-working leader and a remarkable man of God. The fact that he led a massive following of people through the desert trying to get to the Promised Land and still had a burning desire…

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A RE-BLOG POST ~My Heart Refused To Skip A Beat~

So brave and poignant…surely to inspire others.

The Intellectual Eggplant Welcome


The pain constricting my heart

as my world fell apart,

to where I could hardly breathe

it was suffocating me,

afraid if I stood still

my mind would slowly lose it’s will,

yet my heart absolutely refused,

however battered and bruised

to skip a beat in defeat.

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Winter Journey by Ken Kiff

My heart stirs when I see Ken Kiff’s use of bold contrasting colors that paint a profound message.

Free Verse

Like a fiery volcano, the red pinnacle gushes forth God’s unrelenting Love

Like a deep mine, blackness ignites His mystery

Like seaweed brushing over sand, the putrid green of sin stains

But Like a cheerful daisy, yellow paves a path for redemption

And a budding tree rebirths humanity