Homecoming – POETRY by Rita A. Simmonds

I return to you,

sorry but certain you will not turn me away.

Youth is carefree

before truth that is flesh and bleeds

but will not go away.

The weight I’ve come to bear

but did not need to carry,

I place at your feet.

Tears, relief, a bit of fear–

After all these years

I dare to approach your longing for me.

The true weight I bear

is a love that cannot be overcome.

The years gone by, my offering.

I am old now, but your presence won’t recede.

I’ve given up everything

that can’t live with you eternally.

May this 5th Sunday in Lent give you peace.



A RE-BLOG POST – There Is Always A Sunshine After The Stormy Rain………

Kamal, this positive message will reassure the world that Hope is greater than fear, worthy of a re-blog here, so thank you for this excellent poem.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Image result for images of there will always be sunshine after the stormy rain

Whatever your ailments

Whatever your pain

There is always a beautiful sunshine

After the stormy rain

Perhaps you may stumble

Perhaps you may even fail

But God is always ready

To answer your ardent call

He knows every heartache

He sees every tear that falls

But a Kind word from his lips

Can calm every fear that comes your way

Your sorrows may linger

Through the dark sleepless night

But it can suddenly vanish

In dawn’s early magical light

He sends down his angels

To shower you with His Love and Grace

Do not Worry, Be always Happy

Leave everything to Me, He says

Rejoice in my Joyousness

All is a short-lived Phase

There is always a Sunshine

 After the stormy Rain…………………………..

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Art – Escalante Reuss


Inner solitude bridges earth and heaven in the now.

Entering into this dimension of eternity gives a calm, peaceful foretaste of heaven.  Faith and soul become the temple of the Lord in adorable intimacy.

How am I spending my time?  Am I living in love so I may die by love?


Flowers in the Wind by Martha Kisling


Like these flowers blowing in the wind, we too can bend the knee and bow at the majesty of this beautiful universe.  Should we offer our life as it is to God we will receive his presence and be healed of any problem.  In offering our heart, the offering will involve a struggle but we will know God’s strength, peace and joy.  We can collect manna everyday!

PS:  Brother Lawrence hated to cook in the Carmelite monastery, yet he found the Lord in the kitchen and began to cook with love.