Saint Josephine Batika and Her Two Suitcases


Is your daily handbag or briefcase light as a feather, or is it weighed down with anxious preoccupation?  If heavy and spilling over, your load is in “your” control.  If airy light, you’ve learned to trust God enough to have Him help carry “your” load.  That’s when the Lord says to us, “I no longer call your servants, but friends.”  –John 15:15

Either way, Batika said this about carrying her two suitcases:

One carries my sins and the other contains the graces needed to get to heaven.”

“Be good, love the Lord, pray for those who do not know Him.  What a grace it is to know God!”

Good advice, don’t you think?


A RE-BLOG POST – Presence of Eternity

What a serene and positive way to describe the lull the world is in now, so worthy of a re-blog here, thanks, Daryl.


We can feel Presence
In a Church, empty
In a mountain forest
Or sunsets’ beauty

In soaking of silence
We become aware
One of the Presence
Of eternity, here

God all around us
This silence allows
Aware in the stillness
His Presence, right now

In silence of stillness
Our senses affected
Eternity’s presence
That all is connected

Brought to our senses
In silence, surround
For in the stillness
Our true home is found

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Elective Affinities Art by Rene Magritte


I have been recently captivated by this Belgian surrealist painter.  This particular piece was inspired by Johann Goethe’s theory on human chemical – when external forces impact on the will.

Violent assault, abandonment and even the current viral pandemic are such external forces caused by someone over another – tragic to say the least.  However, I see this time as an opportunity to recapture love of family around the world…to what really matters, which is love and forgiveness.

What do you think?




God loves us first, then we respond in kind.  We begin to love ourselves, our families, even our enemies.  What follows, we can forgive and become healed and eventually find our peace.

May the praise that is sung in heaven resound in the hearts of every creature on earth.

“He makes us remember his wonders.”  — Psalm 111