Praise the beauty of today!  There’s a strong cool wind swaying over thick giant oak trees; bright hot sun casts waving shadows on their leaves as hoarfrost.  Perched on the deck my eyes in awe, a mini forest glorifies God’s nature with barely a cloud in blue sky, angels ministering over the land, my heart beats faster as I commune with the universe.  My pen flows with mystery then beauty seizes my senses.


A strong Southeast blows

full oak branches glisten as snow

Spirit breathes on paper



Catherine of Siena ASKING GOD…?

Pray Tell – Where is Virtuous Love found?

God’s answer to Catherine of Siena is “in our neighbors.”

She agrees, “because I can’t show my Creator my love for Him directly, so I have to use my neighbors and do for them the service I cannot do for God.”

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”  What a powerful directive to inflame minds!


To love foes as friends

each as brother and sister

there, is virtuous love

Saint Catherine of Siena, pray for us


A RE-BLOG POST – Inspiring Paintings: Contemplation from the Cliffs…

Such a delicate painting to complement Michael’s attentive writing and so worthy of another glance here.

Flowering Poverello


One stoops

As if in prayer


Or searching

In the earth


For what can only

Be found elsewhere


One reaches out

As if to save


The other scans

The sea


Where winds fill the sails

Of the soul



Onward to eternity.


The Cliffs at Rugen, Caspar David Friedrich

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Wallpaper by Alphonse Mucha


Like this wallpaper, any art from Alphonse Mucha is sumptuous and  impassions my fondness for fluid beauty known as Art Nouveau…drawing out this fantasy.

Her ruby lips matched the poinsettias

Around her finger sparkled the emerald and diamond ring

While her solitary heart was wrapped in violet amethyst

but finding joy in her birthday topaz


I used to kneel for hours as an acolyte in front of Christ’s grave.  It was in a dark alcove covered with flowers heavy with intoxicating fragrance and wax candles were burning quietly all around with a sort of sacred light which illuminated from below the martyred body of Christ.  No one in front of me who would see me shutting my eyes and thinking of God-knows-what and imagining that I am kneeling on the edge of a mysterious unknown figure…

“I was happy to be involved in an art for the people and not for private drawing rooms.  The purpose of my work was never to destroy but always to create, to construct bridges, because we must live in the hope that mankind will draw together and that the better we understand each other, the easier this will become.”  –Alphonse Mucha

His floral expressions make me feel very feminine.

What do you think of him?