The world has been shipwrecked since Adam and Eve were forced out of the garden of Eden.  Thanks be to God, we can change this wrecking ball.  We can calm the atmosphere around us by knowing The Word.

“God’s Word is not just something nice to read once in a while.  Equipped with knowing the truth of God’s Word, we are able to deal with the many demands of daily life.”

–Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein


God makes a huge dome for the sun–a superdome!  The morning sun’s a new husband leaping from his honeymoon bed, the daybreaking sun an athlete racing to the tape.  That’s how God’s Word vaults across the skies from sunrise to sunset, melting ice, scorching deserts, warming hearts to faith.”  –Psalm 19

Every day, may you discover a nugget of truth in God’s Word that resonates in your heart for life.