A RE-BLOG POST A Smiley Face…………

Boy! do we need this cheery poem to put a big smile on our faces, so I delight in re-blogging this here. Thanks so much dear Kamal.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Emoji Face PNG #42692 - Free Icons and PNG Backgrounds

In my half-torn pockets

I hide overflowing waves

Of little chits in different colours

Reds, greens, yellows or blues

Of a smiley face full of joy

As I love to see happy smiles

On beautiful faces

That have forgotten to smile

And pass it on to anystranger

I come across on the street

With a handshake or a hug

Or stick it on someone’s car,

A bus, a gift box or a doorknob

People do frown in the beginning

As they think who is this strangeman

Is he a robber or a madcap out to kill us?

But as soon as they open the little chit

And see the smiley face full of joy

They give me a beaming smile

That brightens them up

Laughing at my little silly trick

And in return I feel so happy

Like I am in a carnival, on top of the World

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