Joan of Arc  (1414 – 1431) Patron of France and Soldiers

When I was growing up in France I marveled at the sites Joan is famous for – Orleans and the Rheims Cathedral.

She was only 13-year-olds when she began to hear heavenly voices and obeyed them because she tried to do what she thought God wanted of her.

The English and French were forever battling to claim the French throne.  Joan determined to reclaim Orleans and have Charles VII crowned Dauphin of France.  A year after this victory, the English captured Joan, charged with heresy and burned at the stake on May 31, 1431.

“She (Joan of Arc) put her dreams and her sentiment into her aims, where they ought to be; she put her practicality into her practice.  In modern wars, the case is reversed.  Our dreams, our aims are always, we insist, quite practical.  It is our practice that is dreamy.”