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With my Beloved’s expertise, we spent the past 4 days repainting a covered wraparound deck adjacent to an open deck.  It was hard work removing everything to the interior, including our container garden during a heat wave cooled down by a few showers–thank God.  With breaks in between my imagination ran wild with new ideas using what décor we have.  It’s the ‘Egyptian blue’ color that has transformed our outdoor living, and the inspiration for this post.

Perhaps you may like some of these ‘stay vacation’ do-overs since the pandemic still forces us to hold off on summer traveling.

We pitched our tent in the backyard, fired up the open pit to roast marshmallows and sip on tropical cocktails, gazing at the twilight sky.  Then we placed some planter boxes at the windows with flowers and herbs to contrast the freshly painted shutters.  By the end of this project we were thoroughly exhausted, but now we are content to glide into August relaxation.

I would love to hear your ideas to spruce up your stay vacation.  It could hugely impact your well-being, so go catch that ‘summer feeling’ at home!