Biscayne Bay, Miami

Animal Magic – How would you react to meeting these Manatee creatures under water?

My answer, with screams of “help! get me out of the water!

That’s what happened to me one summer visit with my family as my brother insisted I learn how to water ski.  As I fell into the bay, a school of Manatees surrounded me as I waited for the boat to scoop me up.  My brother yelled, ‘they are gentle, they won’t hurt you, calm down,” fortunately, he was right.  The next morning I woke up with a bruised body and never tried waterskiing again.  That experience was enough–haha!


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Poem by Rita A. Simmons

We are the Sign

The Word is lost

and cannot be retrieved

like a prophet tossed

into a warring sea

then swallowed whole

by an enormous fish

that swims away

and leaves no trace.

The keystone gone,

we’re crushed and caught.

We breathe the dust

the absence brings.

No other way to know the cost.

How can we live

if God’s cast off?

Yet we’re alive

and so remain.

This sign He gives

to an evil age.