A bit of history…Gesundheit!  Why say “God Bless You” after a sneeze?

National Geographic explains this upon a Roman plague in AD 590.

During this pandemic Pope Gregory urged for divine intervention asking everyone to bless a person immediately after sneezing.  Saying “God Bless You” was a sign thought to ward off getting sick with the plague.  The rest is history.

So, may “God Bless You” each and every time you sneeze. 


A Bing Image


“We find rest in those we love, and we provide a resting place in ourselves for those who love us.”

–Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

The Good News of the Gospel is proposed, never forced upon the listener.  When this happens, the believer becomes the bride of Christ, the bridegroom.

May this reflection carry you joyfully through a good weekend.



At last, the writing group I belong to has resumed to meet again.  The assignment is to write about a street we have lived on and compare it to Adolf Gottlieb’s abstract art entitled “Apaquoque” shown above.  This is the image I choose to write about:


Compared to Adolf’s 3 circles, I identify 4 circles.  Lavender for past sorrows, cobalt blue for Mary’s saving presence throughout my life, yellow for present joy and cream for heaven to behold one day.

Nothing in Adolf’s abstraction reminds me of the street he lived on near the ocean.  But I do see his black graphic as symbolism, as leaving behind the dark crevasses of evil that cannot tarnish me ever again, now and going forward.

“Coming Full Circle” is my life affirmation.

From the beginning, your Mercy pursued me.

At each 15 streets I have inhabited, You corrected my naivete and poor judgment – against the worldly glories that kept me blind and apart from you.

You bounded and bundled my wounds to the wind with the healing kiss of your Holy Spirit – Refashioned me unto your likeness.

Till now by Grace your Love consumes me to love you more – at any moment on any street you lead me to.

So, how can I go wrong!

“With age old love, I have loved you; so, I have kept my mercy toward you.”–Jeremiah 31:3