A RE-BLOG – POEMS: “Shinto” by Jorge Luis Borges

Whatever spiritual persuasion one may adhere to, it’s the same Spirit that guides and teaches wisdom. A very nice poem to share with everyone, Thank you Amira.


When misfortune confounds us
in an instant we are saved
by the humblest actions
of memory or attention:
the taste of fruit, the taste of water,
that face returned to us in dream,
the first jasmine flowers of November,
the infinite yearning of the compass,
a book we thought forever lost,
the pulsing of a hexameter,
the little key that opens a house,
the smell of sandalwood or library,
the ancient name of a street,
the colourations of a map,
an unforeseen etymology,
the smoothness of a filed fingernail,
the date that we were searching for,
counting the twelve dark bell-strokes,
a sudden physical pain.

Eight million the deities of Shinto
who travel the earth, secretly.
Those modest divinities touch us,
touch us, and pass on by.

—Jorge Luis Borges

Shinto, meaning ‘way of the gods,’ is the oldest religion or way of life in Japan(c. 300 BCE…

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A RE-BLOG POST PoetPerfect

Time to showcase You! Love this poem and others too here. Merci beaucoup.


Dear Poets, Writers

Dedicated to you all

You are the indigo riding my mind
The purple wisdom in my bosom
The logic that becomes my instinct
The instinct that pulls my gut
Your priceless ink shapes emerald words
Like blooms woven in the white of paper
You are
The calming in the wild beating of my heart
Adrenaline pulsing my blood stream
The dreams behind my eyelids
The taste of music on my lips as I sing
The songs that still the rising chaos of a thousand pleas
My wired mind magnetized by the sage brilliance 
That nourishes the trust

You perfect the poetry 
You become the poetry
The PoetPerfect.

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A RE-BLOG POST Time to change (Ironic poem)

A post to gently provoke for a good change and stimulate the heart with results. I gladly share this post here!  Thank you Isabella.


On the outside

From a distance

You are doing so well

Not a scratch on the inside

From the outside I can tell

On the outside

From a distance

I understand you so well

You have no pain or discomfort

From this inside I can tell

Yes from the outside

From a distance

I measure you well

I see no baggage

No excuses

I know you so very well

Let the two of us be the change that breaks these chains ❤

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A RE-BLOG POST Fragments 俳句

A definite change of pace, however so pure is your Haiku blog that inspires me and others hopefully…Merci!

Penumbra Haiku

stray light craves purpose
shared slivers of meant karmas
echoes repair shards

Click Shared Slivers for a Random Penumbra Haiku🌟🪞______________🪞🌟

❤️ Stay safe 🌎 Stay home 🌍 Stay healthy 🌏 Everyone ❤️

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A Pexels Image

Celebrating Saints Gabriel, Michael and Raphael

May Gabriel – Strength of God – be with me on Sundays, and the power of the King of Heaven.

Michael – Defender of God’s People – on Monday I speak of, my mind is set on him.

If it be Tuesday, Raphael – Healer for All – I mention, until the end comes, for my help.

“You walk on the wings of the wind, you make the winds your messengers and flashing fire on your servants.”  –Psalm 103

A RE-BLOG POST Metamorphosis demands…

This post nudges, very inspiring with art, Morag, thank you for that. Ready for a re-blog here.

Morag Noffke

Metamorphosis demands I grow
It feels like velcro 
clinging to my old ways inside and out
complexity, so much going on
so much hanging-on
mind-sets ingrained 
want to let go
not easy though
they seem to be holding me like velcro
pulling, prising, plucking, 
tugging, twisting, 
ripping, peeling, tweezing ,
all the same a painful process.
Is this the only way to remove the mind-sets?
Easier to just leave it there
but that’s not the life for me.
I want ‘shed’ to be free, 
liberated to move on.
I choose another way of:
soaking, mulling,
dipping, drenching, 
steeping, healing
submersing in compassionate love
so that the exfoliation becomes a nurturing salve,
Even when going through pain
waiting for the next segment of my journey
is the ointment that will comfort and soothe.
Ultimately made stronger.

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