A Postcard


September 11, 2015.  Something magical occurred that night I walked into the room not knowing who was there, yet I trusted my curiosity in how I would find making sense of my life there. This postcard attracts my curiosity.  Why?  Because sometimes something new usually has an important message to convey and I want to unravel it.  Like that special evening among strangers, this art opens me to beauty and truth that leads to self-knowledge and joy.

This postcard reveals a pleasant exchange in relationship.  The girl with flowing golden hair extends a gift, a seeming wreath of amber scented potpourri circling ruby roses to the other girl whose chestnut hair seems to glide a copious thank you in return.  I sense a loyal bond of affection forming between them.  Their kind exchange is completed when the brunette slides a scarf to give to the other.  Or is it a patchwork fashioned with images of an angel, a silhouette holding a light while her heart throbs.  Time proves to solidify their distinctive friendship.

There is more to this postcard – magic unfolds.  Between these two new friends lies a lush green valley where they share their daily aspirations.  A place for revelation, forthcoming ideas, trust growing, and faith revealed as simple as the sweet and soft taste of a peanut butter sandwich melting in the mouth.

Season upon season, strangers keep coming to that room – somewhat afraid but mesmerized to untap this gift yet to be written.  The strangers become us, a circle of friends more confident to open our hearts and tell our stories in class, each one better than the last one.

This postcard speaks twofold.  The two friends are Sharon, my Delight and moi, her Muse.  YOU are no longer strangers daring to discover your spirituality through “writing your way home.”  This is how we each make sense of life.

Sharon, Merci Beaucoup!  for being our special benefactor.

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