O how cool you, Kamal, can amplify my thoughts posted as “What none can do, Jesus can,” in this heartwarming story…so happy to reblog it here…Bravo!

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Release me from the rusty chains
my neck is scarred for life
I am in acute pain
am screaming my lungs out
I cannot move an inch
The devil has made me his slave
I have no where to escape
but dream of being released
running quickly towards the door
and flying with the birds to freer skies
flowing with the wonderful waves
dancing on the delicate lotus petals
drifting with the cool winds
fresh fragrant flowers to smell
hiding my face in their perfumes
sitting high on rainbows edge
a happy smile on my lovely face
my heart is at peace and comfort
i am no more fearful or worried
enjoying this beautiful moment of bliss
in the arms of my father
who I have always missed

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“On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work.”  —Genesis 2:2

This verse should be a reminder that one should rest in the Lord at least one day of the week.

Recently, someone asked me, “Why do you need to see Jesus?”  He continued, “Is it because you want to see a sign or hope for a miracle, or that you feel obligated to follow how you are used to worship him?”  He concluded by saying “Don’t make it a pitstop.  Make your worship a daily encounter.  A constant conversion of your heart.” 

This revealing conversation leads me to form this affirmation:

“I want to meet Jesus to see him, receive him and give him to others with the love and mercy he gives me each time I approach him in worship — because I need ongoing conversion.”

May your worship experience brush stroke what God wishes to give you daily in your encounter with him.


Cover of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine


October’s issue of this magazine packs vivid and bold ideas to spice up autumn.  Pumpkins are the focus, not by carving them, but by painting them in various patterns using spice colors such as paprika, cinnamon and turmeric.  You can also extend these warm spice tones in cooking, such as beef barley soup and making peanut butter marshmallow sandwich cookies.  According to BH&G, there are “31 ways to put a new spin on seasonal favorites.”

I’m up for the challenge:  Pumpkins painted color block, splattered, even etched.  What about you?


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Wounds and scars from the past stifle growth and freedom.

After attending a virtual retreat for inner healing, I thank God for all the blessings I cannot see.  My past is replete with negative experiences and no one can soothe those pains, except for Jesus.  That is what I experienced during this retreat.

If your past haunts you from time to time, simply ask Jesus to heal your heart and soul, and he will do so…as the song goes…

Heal my heart, my soul

Touch my wounds

and make me whole

Wash me Lord in your blood