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“The Seasons Are Signs of a Greater Change

“Blossoms are born to lace and leave,

making way for strong greens

that give shade of themselves once again.

How long the days, and then

that first chill of breeze

and gold brushing the trees.

Even the proudest branch bends, bends

and must let go its yellow and reds.

We sigh in the crackling fall,

knowing death takes it all!

But was life made for this?

Winter bends as earth has its place,

where sun kisses the leaves and the lace.

And, yes, even the seasons at long last

will give way to a spring that won’t pass.”

Paul Mariani and Rita A. Simmonds

What a beautiful expression for all of us becoming holy souls.  And as for the ‘faithful departed:’

“Let us pray for them who are being purified by the Love of God that tempers the Justice of God.  Purgatory is not a time of pain, but a space of hope to be totally purified to be with God in heaven.”

–Father Michael Payyapilly