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Here’s a new week – what shall we do with it?

Those of you working, I praise God He will keep you safe.

Those still in lockdown, I thank God He will sustain and rescue you.

Those who are gripped with fear, know that fear is not of God.

Those in power who oppress others with fear will surely encounter a terrible demise. 

As for me, I stand up – for Faith in God and country.

The slumber of sleep is over.  There emerges a great awakening and revival in America and around the world.  I urge everyone to stand in patient perseverance.  God is laying out all the layers of wrongdoing, putting to light Truth for the whole world.

God says, “Justice will prevail, Justice will be served”…words given to seer Kat Kerr.

I repeat, “Let not your heart be troubled.”  –John 14:1-3





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