Can I Take You………

A lovely poem for any Valentine, worthy to re-blog here, Merci, Kamal.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

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I was inspired by My Friend, Jonathan from noblesthemes blog. He writes amazing and beautiful poems. This poem of his “Can I Take You………..” moved me to write a lovely poem. Thank you Jonathan. My verses are given below:

My Precious Love,

Can I take You alone on this journey?

Where there is just you and me

Hand in hand we can walk together

In tune with our magical steps

Whistling winds calling us in a whisper

In the quietude and silence of the now

Under the gazing twinkling stars

Guiding us on a beautiful path

Finding gratitude in the little things

Complete in each other’s arms.

At a distance we can hear

Waves splashing against the rocks

Creating rhythmic sounds of silence

Paddling our feet in the cool waters

Laughing like carefree souls gone crazy

This radiant moment is ours to cherish

Can I take You, My Precious Love?

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