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I recently saw a YouTube video (Misericordia Maria TV) where Jesus speaks to the world in Uruguay on February 3, 2021.  His message is ever gentle and I hope that sharing some of his thoughts here will be a source of encouragement.

Jesus speaks of the “angelic consciousness of the planet.”

If you untie knots on earth, in heaven knots will be untied also.

“Every human being is a precious piece of the great puzzle of the Plan.”

“Give thanks permanently; live redemption, be part of the mystical body.”

“Be love in the heart, serve, unite.”

“Be sacred temples of elevation and surrender.”

Such is this sublime message intended to restore our world. 


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The Cross is the branch of Peace

Healing body, mind and soul

The Word cleanses and restores

Hearts are made grateful

The Cross extends the branch of Peace

“I will heal their defection, I will Love freely; for my wrath is turned away from them.”

–Canticle of Hosea 14:2-3a


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Something remarkable…Entering into Lent is always timely. 

Lent  is not so much about fixing ourselves; rather, it is all about meeting Christ in our brokenness.”

Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe, EWTN Chaplain

“I challenge you, this Lent, let yourself be loved by God.”

–St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

However one carves out some prayerfulness with the Lord this season, allow Him to love; that will be my intent…for no one is unlovable.