Image by Easy Canvas Painting

Allelulia!  Spring is here.

Brown Winter ground has shifted to shamrock grass and tulips are waving hello.  Mid-day sunshine erases morning chills – it’s time to envision the garden at its hottest peak with geraniums bursting claret blooms and setting out the patio furnishings for outdoor dining.

I’m waiting patiently for warmer days to open my windows and dry out the freshly painted silver shadow tint on the stone fireplace wall.  It’s time to embrace the power of nature’s colors to ignite more life and beauty into our surroundings.  It’s necessary to rebuild our society from the destruction caused by the virus.  Every one of us has the power to re-establish righteousness from the insipid spread of cancel culture and social communism.  A return to God and fervent prayer will regain the avenues of freedom, the halls of justice and the pursuit of happiness, not only in America but throughout the world.  We are the ‘battle station’ of heaven.  Let us keep the celebration of freedom in our hearts.