A Bing Quote

In a recent retreat I attended, the question posed was:

  What do you thirst for in life?

The easy and obvious answers came forth:  career, prosperity, good health, etc.  That did not please our presenter.  Rather, he suggested we focus on the premise that we are created for love and that God gives us love through created things.  Then he quoted John Paul II, saying:

“Do not forget that true love sets no conditions.  It does not calculate or complain, but simply loves.”

We moved on to a short story of a father with his child walking along the beach.  Very content, the boy with his toys sat at the edge of the waves with his back to the ocean.  Puzzled, the  father said to the boy, “If you turn around, you will discover an ocean of mysteries.”  My guess is that at times the Holy Trinity sees us in that perspective.  Then when I silently answered what I thirst for, emptying my heart for him, God graciously gave me himself.

What do you really thirst for?

I pray you will find refreshment with God during this Holy Week.