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Today begins the flow of precious graces of Holy Week.  This invitation permits all to dip into Christ’s destiny for our sake, his entrance into Jerusalem, walking the Via Dolorosa to Golgotha and his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

In prayer let us join together to receive the gift of everlasting life with Christ.


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Special words like love, grace and forgiveness emit invisible power in variable measures to grow faith just like a sprouting sheaf of wheat.

As I woke up this morning three words stirred me out of bed to open the Bible.  Where is this?  “Whatsoever you do…”

“Whatsoever you do to the least of my Brothers.  The King will reply, truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

–Matthew 25:40

Like a robust taste of coffee, I receive these words with a desire to help someone who cannot return such a favor.  An act of giving shall be how I respond to “Whatsoever you do.”

Have you heard a special message from God today to act upon?  Let us cherish what He places in the heart.


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Thanks to Kamal at, I can embellish this post with her good thoughts as a Haiku:

Within us the book

Is not fully opened

To reveal its treasures

Goodness rests not on things but on how we use things.

“We search the world for truth, we cull

The good, the true, the beautiful,

From graven stone and written scroll,

And all old flower-fields of the soul;

And, weary seekers of the best,

We come back laden from our quest,

To find that all the sages said

Is in the Book our mothers read.”

–Author Unknown


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Once upon a time, two frogs were hunting for food when they fell into a vat of cold cream but couldn’t get out, so they decided to swim in it.  One frog got exhausted, gave up and eventually drown.  The other one decided to keep moving until he realized the cream turned hard, forming a bump and he finally was able to hop out of the vat-haha!

Isn’t this pretty much what happens when one prays with urgency then quits, or when one endures with fortitude.  What’s necessary is to pray with the heart in order to sustain more stamina in praying.

I have been praying a particular intention for a very long time for someone very dear to my heart.  Just recently the good Lord intimated to me that my prayer request would be answered, but not right away.  I now know that the battle is won and I’m just waiting for the victory to show up…making me a stay-er.  I pray that you are a stay-er too.