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Today is bright full of sunshine and perfect for shifting  from winter woolies to organizing my wardrobe into flinging Spring outfits.  Let’s see, what still fits, what doesn’t that I can donate, what is too old fashion and what can I revamp into a new and fresh look?  This may sound a bit daunting to approach, but for me, it’s a delight to tackle.

Recycling and revamping can be fun to stretch your imagination and budget by creating a one-of-a-kind style that becomes your personal flair.  Dare be bold in mixing and matching different textures, colors and patterns.  And when you feel excited about how your closet finally looks, you will know you have fashioned your special niche.  So go for it.  Strut confidently in your new clothing and stroll in the beauty of Spring and Summer spreading good cheer…that’s what I am doing!