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Forgive and unite, that’s uniting, beside a great quote.
Irresistible to re-blog here, thanks, Kamal.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Info TEA: The ART of Kagaya

No matter how many times the teeth bites the tongue, they still stay together in one’s mouth.That’s the spirit of FORGIVENESS.

Even though the eyes do not see each other, they see things together, blink simultaneously and cry together.That is the spirit of UNITY.

May we practice the spirit of forgiveness and togetherness at all times and talk cheerfully, celebrate friendships and laugh out loud till our stomach aches and we fall of from our chairs.That is the spirit of TOGETHERNESS.

We are often let down by the most trusted people and loved by the most unexpected ones. Some make us cry for things that we have not done, while others ignore our faults and just see our smile.That is the spirit of LIVING.

Some leave us when we need them the most, while some stay with us even when…

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