Georgia’s Countryside

On our return home from the cottage in rural Georgia, we decided to take the backroads.  That way, we discovered how folks live in the wide open farmland.  At a roundabout, there stood a hut with a display of local fruits and vegetables, the tomatoes were gorgeous so we stop to buy some, and they are earthly delicious.  Then we passed by the store front of this abandoned street and imagined how prosperous it once must have been.  How sweet was Old Glory impeccably waiving through the air.  As we continued driving, the cotton crops are budding green while cattle graze without concern alongside the horses and their colts.  Taking it all in, I recalled the famous song singing, “lead me country roads, lead me on!”

“The smell of diesel and dust early in the morning give me a feeling that I’m far away, it’s about interesting people, wonderings and passings through.”

–Obie Oberholzer

Our decision to travel nilly-willy through the backroads extended our vacation aura.  What we encompassed and learned through this unchartered territory brought us home with extra gratitude and a resolve to embrace our future with more gusto and goodness.

I hope you can plan a trip for yourself very soon.


St. Simmons Island, Georgia

Having seen this sunrise above is indeed spectacular.  The horizon fascinates the mind as to how God creates the sunrise each day with a different palette of colors.  Such traveling to special places intensifies the imagination.

“Intensity is a spice of life, along with humor and enthusiasm.”

–Obie Oberholzer


Gibbs Gardens, Ball Ground, Georgia

O morning glory

In sunshine beauty or in pouring rain

No matter how hot or cold

O morning glory

I need you like a heart beat

With my first breath, I move and think

How I love you my God

O morning glory

You propel me through the day

Wherever you lead me to be, to do

I rest at nightfall grateful for whatever was the day

With hope to come again

for morning glory