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“Destruction, despair and death will not have the last word.”

–Thomas Wenski, Archbishop of Miami

What little I hear about worldly news proves the essence of this quote.  People are likely to ask, “Why do bad things happen?”  All around more atrocities occur, and when I pray for all the suffering cries, I say they are not to blame, not even God.  For we just live in an imperfect world where evil seems to prevail more and more.

The story of Job in the Bible comes to mind to remind us how he was so patient in trusting God to vindicate his dilemma with the devil.  Calamities, despair and death can be overcome by the transformative power of Faith in God.  Isn’t this the call we hear blowing in the wind today?  God is always a loving Creator even if our planet is in rebellion to His ordered plan.

Abba Father, Help us and all the ones we love to accomplish the plan of Love that You desire for each of us, Amen.