Prophet Painting by Richard Rogers

I have come to acknowledge something remarkable — that of the “Prophets” who express God’s prophecies for all people who face dire challenges around the world today.  They are many and they speak boldly of what is coming now and in the future.

If you have ears to hear and eyes to see, the contemporary prophets are found on YouTube.  Each has his or her own flavorful personality woven within the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  They always refer to the Old Testament Prophets and the Word of the Lord.  For those who listen, they challenge the “churches” and their foundational revelations to step out of their religion boxes of denominations in order to seek out God in Truth and Spirit, not in man-made rules and doctrines.  That’s a radical stance for many believers to ponder, yet, you won’t find God in any box.  The spiritual realm is much more comprehensive for a true revival to take place in our present world.

I find these special messengers of God to encourage living the Word of God and growing my faith to new heights. What is also breathtaking is that these true Prophets reveal similar prophecies that intersect each other and come to pass.

Whatever you may think about prophets, I pray that God will attune all ears and hearts to what today’s prophets are saying so that each of us may respond to the challenges of our times with faithful attentiveness, Amen.