A Bing Image

I see God lives in this refreshing image above.  He makes me think of the moment of Creation and Adam and Eve.  They are our inheritance and we are called to build the Kingdom of God.

Since everything is made of light, we each have the spiritual DNA of God through His Son Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.  God’s Covenant with us is made by the blood of Jesus Christ.  At this particular time in history, God is on the move as a mighty whirlwind on America, Israel and the entire world.  Yes, riots intensify, peoples march into the streets against oppressive governments as the evil one swishes his tail more violently.  But God’s remnant is awakened.  We are made to be strong and of good courage, it’s time to run for justice and freedom.

The other day my Beloved spouse noticed a black buzzard sitting in the backyard.  He immediately supposed there might be a dead critter around.  My mind quickened to ask, ‘was evil attempting to attack our radical stance with God and His Prophets?”  Likely so.  That prompted us to pray and remove any evil principalities around our property and home.

Where do you see God living around you?

May you find Him everywhere, whether in the confusion of our world or in the beauty of Creation all around you.

May this new month of August be invincible.