Painting by Melissa McKinnon

“Faith appropriates everything. is evidence not seen.  Faith starts knowing God’s Will which is found in the Word.  To have faith you have to hear it, read the word out loud.  When faith comes inside, it alivens us.  What you believe in your heart, what you pray for, you will receive by your faith to pull the power of God in you.”

–Robin Bullock, Prophet

Lord Jesus, help me, help us, to always seek you as person.  Our shepherd, king and giver of good gifts.  Not like the scribes and Pharisees, not to babble in ritual prayers and schedules, but to remain connected to your sacred being with Abba Father and Holy Spirit.  To live and breathe your resurrection power in us every day.  Fill us with an overflow of faith for our families and the world at large, Amen.