An Image by Piotr Dura

Choosing this fantasy art immediately quenches my imagination to what awaits us in heaven.  We know there is the “seen,” but not so much the “unseen,” unless we read and understand the Word of God.

The ancient prophets have recorded all we need to know about the future in the supernatural and natural realms.   Prophet Joel gives us a hopeful solution:

“I will pour out my spirit upon all mankind.  Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions; even upon the servants and the handmaids, in those days, I will pour out my spirit.”  –Joel 3: 1-2

Because God so loves the world, He speaks timely through the prophets to deliver the people from wickedness.  The world today is being shaken into an awakening to the supernatural, and His many new prophets are echoing God’s prophecies to save people from Satanic strongholds and principalities which are trying to destroy all sovereign nations.

In following prophets like Robin D. Bullock, Kat Kerr, Hank Kunnemann, Mario Murillo, Kim Robinson and others, this is what I have learned so far.  It seems that mankind has forgotten the spirit man within itself.  The spirit man, within our body and mind, has spiritual eyes, ears, legs and arms for us to climb Jacob’s ladder to heaven.  The spirit man in us becomes a conduit for dreams and visions to show us the Love that awaits us there.

In heaven, besides gilded streets, the glassy sea and God’s many throne rooms, there are spectacular landscapes from every nation on earth.  The valleys and deserts behold all species of vegetation and flowers whose thick stems are alive and full of life and their strong wide petals converse with us.  On the mountains, snowflakes are not cold or wet, but are uniquely fluffy and each flake sings a special tune.  There is a constant celebration in heaven among families, friends, saints and the Holy Trinity.  There is more fun than you can ever imagine.  Heavenly food is incredible.  When hungry, whatever you desire is instantly and deliciously dropped before your eyes.  If you love to cook, as I do, everyone will come to your mansion and share your fanfare, with no  cleanup to do.  Neither any need for bathroom.  Remember, there we live our spirit man.  Nor is there any memory of sin and suffering.  Just Love and Joy to share with others for all eternity.  Isn’t this all amazing!?!  O! there is so much more to describe heaven that I will write about in the future.

Have you come to the end of yourself?  Jesus is calling everyone through the prophets.  He hears the cry of the poor.  He wants us to understand the supernatural realm in order to change the natural order we live in.  Moses said:

“Would that all the people of the Lord were prophets!  Would that the Lord might bestow his spirit on them all!”  —Numbers 11:29

The prophetic voices resound.  Now we are in our “red sea” encounter.  This is our biblical moment for deliverance.  God is stamping His Glory story upon America and the rest of the world.  Everything is changing for the good.  Very soon He will mete out justice on the wicked, then He will instantly turn the page of history for us to reign in revival, restoration and wealth prosperity for the coming 100 years. We can all rejoice on these events for generations to come. 

Let us become prophets to speak Truth for God where he has planted us.  In that way, the Lord’s prophecies will gladden our hearts, our souls will be healthy, our light will shine brightly to effect change as to reverberate God’s Glory.  Let us praise the Living God, Amen.


A Dreamstime Image

A Dandelion Story

The light drizzle of rain was continuous for 5 days, keeping me at the windowsill dreaming of all the things I could do outdoors.  Finally out of grey clouds came sunshine to perk up my slumber.

“Come on, Coco-Ranger and Lema, let’s go for a ride in the countryside.”

With their leashes in hand off we went searching for adventure.  Thirty minutes out with a slow turn here and there led us to an abandoned property.  Its caved-in front porch was overgrown with ivy and weeds.  As I led my dogs out their hunting senses pulled me in opposite directions down the buckled up and cracked driveway where bunches of dandelions fanned their bright petals towards the sky.

Imagining, this property must have been beautifully kept at one time.  Why else would these heavenly dandelions be flourishing so on this vacant spot?  They were thriving in between cement patches.

How does this happen?  But, by a glimpse from heaven recalling beauty and laughter coming from a house that once was filled with love.

“Okay, guys, let’s go home.  Now I have a dandelion story to post.”