Tranquil Moment by Freydoon Rassouli

Autumn is naturally my favorite season.  A time to reflect personally especially with a new birthday on the horizon.  I shall write this:

“I am From” Poem

I am from what comes naturally to me

My Creator released my spirit from his benevolent hands,

He wove me into flesh in my mother’s tender womb and from my father’s eternal seed

I am from that spark of life in the Spirit

His fire ignites me day and night

I am from the Word of God

Hearing His prophetic voice

I am from my destiny in this Kingdom Age

A candle burning from Love and kindness

Just a messenger of hope for others

I am from what comes naturally to me

Because my Creator made me so.

Have you ever written a poem about yourself?

Try it, you will be amazed at how God sees grace in you.

When you know yourself, everything changes.


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