Painting by Patricia Govezensky

The first time I discovered this eclectic Israeli artist occurred when I was encouraged by my writing mentor to create this blog.  I have always appreciated art of any genre, yet creative writing was novel to me.

Patricia’s vibrant artwork spurred me on and here I am connecting two seemingly unrelated topics.  Her feminine subjects and picturesque sceneries pull me in to seeing somewhat of my myself.  That is when the danger and audacity to write about self becomes bold and hopefully interesting.  Patricia’s portfolio is so extensive that I have been able to tap into her intense palette to write honestly about myself.  She is able to frame life by her creative spirit as if I was modeling for her.  I see my reflection in her many paintings.  In this particular image, I am framed in a colorful respite moment, waiting for a new delight to appear and make my day absolutely gorgeous.

What ties art and writing together?  The freedom of expression and use of medium to communicate thought.  In other words, what resonates in the heart and mind becomes a keepsake for all time.

Aah!  The brilliance of God’s gift of artistic talent blended with mind stirring thoughts… giving me endless joy for writing.