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A Dandelion Story

The light drizzle of rain was continuous for 5 days, keeping me at the windowsill dreaming of all the things I could do outdoors.  Finally out of grey clouds came sunshine to perk up my slumber.

“Come on, Coco-Ranger and Lema, let’s go for a ride in the countryside.”

With their leashes in hand off we went searching for adventure.  Thirty minutes out with a slow turn here and there led us to an abandoned property.  Its caved-in front porch was overgrown with ivy and weeds.  As I led my dogs out their hunting senses pulled me in opposite directions down the buckled up and cracked driveway where bunches of dandelions fanned their bright petals towards the sky.

Imagining, this property must have been beautifully kept at one time.  Why else would these heavenly dandelions be flourishing so on this vacant spot?  They were thriving in between cement patches.

How does this happen?  But, by a glimpse from heaven recalling beauty and laughter coming from a house that once was filled with love.

“Okay, guys, let’s go home.  Now I have a dandelion story to post.”