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“If you make a mistake you can start all over again, like building sand castles.”

–Annika Wallendahl

What an amazing quote to ring in a new birthday year!

Do you know that beside the glassy sea in heaven, there is a “sea of forgetfulness.”  That is what Kat Kerr, Revelator for God, speaks about with Steve Shultz on ElijahStreams YouTube.  For sure, my ears perked up for more knowledge.  A sea where God tosses our forgiven mistakes no longer remembered by Him nor should we.  As I turn to a new page in my life on tomorrow, I am reassured that all prior mistakes no longer exist and any future ones will be thrown away fully repented to God.

“God speaks to us in the tomorrow, which is perfect, where there is no sin.  The prophetic is tomorrow’s science.”

–Prophet Robin D. Bullock

I certainly welcome this promises in the coming year.

According to Robin, “The promises of God are always “Yes, Amen.”

I gladly echo Robin in exclaiming, “God is  absolutely good.” 

May this new week fill your heart with all of God’s promises.