A RE-BLOG POST Butter and Abundance of Blessings……………

I really like the way you compare the good taste of butter on bread to God’s abundance of goodness for us all, so happy to re-blog this here, much thanks, Kamal.

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

Bread and butter Stock Photo by alexstand | PhotoDune

A warm slice of bread soaks in the butter that is abundantly spread on it. The butter will melt so beautifully and tastes so yummy and delicious. It does not matter how much butter we put, but if the bread is cold, the butter will stay on the surface only.  It will not melt even if you want to. Bite into it and you will see how different the two taste.

It is the same bread and same butter but a world of a difference in the taste. The melted butter tasted just right but the cold butter had no taste at all. And so, it is dear friends with the Blessings in our life too. It does not matter how abundantly our Lord blesses us, showers us with His unconditional love but if we are not gracious in our acceptance of what he has to give us…

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