A RE-BLOG POST The Book of Nature

Your ‘Book of Nature” encapsulates the goodness of God in the simple things of nature. I see how easily you are inspired by Henri’s writings, and I’m happy to reblog this here for others to enjoy as well.  Thank you, Daryl, for faithfully encouraging my writing…I so appreciate you!


God’s a hidden Presence
This truth we are aware
If we let nature speak
We see, He’s everywhere

Through beauty of this world
When we pause and still
These wonders indicate
Gods’ Presence and His will

Though the book of nature
Can’t be reduced to words
Gods’ characteristics
And activity is heard

How do the sun and stars?
The rhythm of our days
Speak of God’s great glory
Wonder and His ways

As we become attune
To listen and to seek
Through nature of surrounding
Are means which God can speak

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

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