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Wonders of the sky

Deeper meaning behind clouds

Host of heaven fight!

Do you know, according to Seer Kat Kerr, one can ask God to receive a personal “hosts of heaven” to protect family and all causes dear to one’s heart?   Believing with all my heart, I am sending hosts of heaven to the battlefield.

Kat reminds us that we can each have an army of heaven at our disposal if we choose this holy responsibility.  Just as there is order and protocol on armies of earth, hosts of heaven are governed accordingly.  They must be commanded to fight for us and ask the hosts to give you a sign they accomplished the mission.  They stand ready for more action.

As born-again believer, this is the manner in which one can operate in this spiritual realm:

“Invite Christ into your life

Invite heaven’s army to be your weapon against all evil”


“I take power over all the power of the enemy that will seek to deceive, kill and destroy______________________

(Pray your petitions for any specific person, place, time)

“”Shred every platform of evil.”  (wherever they are sent)

“Go forth, go host, make toast, in Jesus’ name!”  Kat’s words.

Believe me, this holy practice will reinforce revival, prosper and bring you ever closer to God.

What do you have to lose?

Let me know how this goes for you.