A RE-BLG POST – Sitting quietly is a gift.

I am so happy to enjoy this lovely reflection dear Friend that it deserves a re-blog here. Thank you, Morag, keep on writing!

Morag Noffke

I acknowledge the long unexplained silence As I sit upon my patio Gazing at my foresty-garden: Autumn rains it's leaves in gusts of winds Pitter-patter to the ground In the lull, like the in-breath, a leaf drifts Down to touch the ground Like a little foraging bird. Leaves leaving the branch akin to letting go. A family of birds, Wax bill finches, twitter and chortle Whilst eating from the bird feeder In the background an Olive thrush whistles with gratitude As it splashes and sips the cool water from my miniature pond. And the dove softly says its peaceful prayers in the warm sunlight. Something drops upon my shoulder As Nature draws my attention yonder. My sacred music is ever with me, In me, around me, before me and behind. I apologize for my silence Even although I know it was necessary. Sitting quietly is a gift For the giver…

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