Storytelling is so unique.  We tell stories during the normal course of a day, sharing our beliefs, dreams, even our frustrations.  The key to a good storytelling of our life is how well we adapt to daily changes that challenge us.

Here are some special quotes I readily appreciate from William Knowlton Zinsser:

“Writing is an act of ego, and you might as well admit it.”

“Decide what you want to do.  Then decide to do it.  Then do it.”

“If you find that writing is hard, it’s because it is hard.”

“Examine every word you put on paper.  You’ll find a surprising number that don’t serve any purpose.”

The secret of good writing is to strip every sentence to its cleanest components.”

“Less is more.”

I like Zinsser’s assessment of writing.

Go, tell your story today and make someone ponder, laugh or even cry with compassion.  I will continue to do the same.

May this week shower you with much Love!