“Set your mind on the Spirit and things of God and soon your heart finds peace and life itself.”

–Allen Hunt

This month of March gets us marching against lingering snowstorms. The hungry lion still roams roaring chaos in Ukraine, but softer, warmer winds will prevail in restoring peace.  Perennially, the Passion of Christ resounds again around the world.

Suffering and sacrifice are marks of divine love.  They require strong faith into the unknown because we lack the mind and understanding of God.  If only we could accept suffering and sacrifice as gifts of light and grace.

My miniscule role in all of this is to sit quietly on my bench of silence and to pray for an end to war and suffering.  Any act of surrender to God’s omnipotence pleases Him; that it why He allowed his Son to hang on the cross for our redemption.

Do not despair, March promises many bright and green things.  New grass, perhaps the good fortune of a 4-leaf clover, the blessings of Saint Patrick and a hearty Irish meal, preparing to generate a flower and vegetable garden, and to plan a much-needed summer vacation.

I say, let us “not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:17-21.

I’m looking for the Blue Morning Glories to pop out of the ground!

Wishing you a happy burgeoning March!