This is a story of the Glory of God.

The story of Joseph receiving from his father Jacob the birthright “coat of many colors” is found in Genesis 36-37.  When Joseph’s brothers found this out, they angrily stripped the coat and threw him a dry cistern.  Rather than kill Joseph the brothers sold him to passing merchants taking him to Egypt, where he eventually interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams…and the rest of the story is very prophetic.

Prophet Robin Bullock teaches that we are living in the time of Joseph’s coat of many colors:

“The story of the glory is happening now, with the raising of the dead and diseases disappearing.  We need to understand the realm of the supernatural in order to change the natural order we live in.  The Lord’s prophecies give joy to the heart.”

I am encouraged by the prophets and so to speak truth for God where he has planted seed.  In that way, our hearts will be healthy, our light will shine brightly to and in our world…to effect change and reverberate the story of the Glory of God…which continues daily.

“The Lord looks down from heaven on the children of man, to see if there are any who understand who seek after God.”  —Psalm 14:2

We are called to become king, prophet for God.