Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

This quote by Emily Louise Heard became the catalyst for discovering my passion for writing.

“When you live with lots happening, you can write about the lots.  When you live with little happening, you can write, truly.”

Another favorite writing quote from Garden Love Poet.

“Television is poisonous to creativity.”  So true, Stephen King.

My own mantra, “Writing from the heart is pleasing to God and gives joy to the soul.” 

Paul Gauguin’s artworks continue to inspire writing.  He stirs up my passion for symbols, bold colors and proportions.

Why write, but to express a devotion of thoughts.  Emotions gathered through beauty and truth.  A mystery to inspire others…I hope.

My writing groups meets today – yea!  To imprint more joy and discover new skills to share with you here.