“No one knows what the future holds, except the One Who holds the future.”

–Eric Metaxas

It may seem that we are in an irrevocable dark hour that threatens world peace.  The so-called conflict in the Ukraine baffles the most innocent while nation leaders play the chess game of who can reap the most from this chaos.

“War is a defeat for humanity.”  —Pope Francis

“In this world there are only two races, believers and non-believers.”

–Prophet Robin D. Bullock

In this specific trial, both sides are urged to forego their differences and begin to pray for truce and peace.  Then God will open heaven to pour out the Wine of Hope and the Wine of Mercy that shall flow and overflow to end this final battle between evil and good.

Lord, help us to realize our need to pray forgiveness and to love our enemies.

The prophets are sounding the Shofar.  They point us to the rallying place, our hearts.  Are we collectively ready to meet the challenge?  Believing, I pray so.

May this last week in March propel us through April showers to May flowers and bring everything good in between.

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“Love recognizes no barriers.  It jumps hurdles, leaps fences and penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

–Maya Angelou

In my humble opinion, in the end, three things matter.

How much you love

How gently you live, and

How gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

In the end, what three things do matter to you?

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“Hope everything from the mercy of God.  It is as boundless as his power.”

–St. Frances of Rome

Today the Roman Pontiff rallies the world to pray for peace for Russia and Ukraine. I would add, let us pray for the rest of the world as well.

God has placed a sacred fire within each person to make a difference and what a grace is this.  Easter is three weeks away.

“O Mary, Mother of God, through you came to us the conqueror and triumphant vanquisher of evil.” 

Saint Cyril of Alexander

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Just some simple thoughts…

Making your own zig zag way makes the Lord chuckle.

His Grace descends with faithful persistence.

Listen carefully in order to understand.

In life, everything is gift.

Your signature in life honors God.

Love blooms in the heart.

Hope is the streaming of God’s rainbow over your life.

Celebrate your diversity!

Image by Dominic Pacheco