Observing small marvels in nature unleashes creativity and deepens humility — both of which are shown to nudge us out of a rut by making life feel fresh again.”

–Jami Grich


Connect with water

Let new grass tickle your feet

Look up at the stars

When was the last time the world hinted at you to continue doing your to-do list?  To think that going outside for a break is unproductive.  Wrong.

Getting out in nature seems to relax the brain’s frontal lobes and relieve attention fatigue.

–Phil Stieg, MD

What is true, is that nature gives people a moment to reset and quash anxiety, which is called “soft fascination.”  For instance, star gazing will calm worries and reduce cortisol.  Hearing water gurgle melts tension and lifts mood.  Walking barefoot improves the immune system.  Best of all is wandering into sunshine and focusing on nature’s wonders which will improves sleep quality.

It can all happen in spending just 15 minutes outdoors.

I wish you this well-being.

Photo by Boyce Thompson