A Short Story

“Till the fragrance of lavender fades away, I shall reside in your poems every day!”


The image you see above is a photograph of Notre Dame de Senanque Abbey in Provence, France, hanging in my home.  My eyes always smile at this picture because it reminds me of my adventurous growing up years with my French family.

Besides that, lavender is my favorite perfume oil for tranquility and good sleep.   It’s world renowned for its aromatic scent and beauty products.  Rows after rows of lavender begin to grow after the Spring poppies have withered.  Even the infamous heat of Southern France does not detract tourists to visit the fields while the local residents slow their pace of living in the shade.

Have you encountered lavender with its floral, herbal and woodsy scent?  Do you know that lavender is a nurturing calming agent to de-stress, reducing inflammation and lifts mood?  Such a wonderful agent for well-being.  I have sachets of lavender on doorknobs all around, with a gentle press, I release its heady fragrance and my mind quickly goes into fanciful memories.  Since Provence is far off, I’m learning to cultivate this plant, bunching the stems and drying them in shade.  Just today I noticed the purple blooms extending off the grey stems.  I’m anxious for a fresh harvest, especially from the white lavenders that survived winter.  See how the picture created this post.

If you haven’t yet discovered lavender with its intoxicating mist, here’s where I shop for products made in Provence:

May this pure purple touch of Provence wrap you in elegance.