“If you thank God for small mercies, greater ones will come.”

–yours truly

Picture yourself in this Sahara Desert as good soil for writing. Say What? Stay with me…

As bloggers, we can experience ‘fog’ spells.   When this happens to me, I ask the Spirit to give me an image to write about as a living prayer.  You say, what?  Yes, that helps, so does going outdoors or looking out a window to quickly connect with the world at hand.  Our senses will do the rest to show how nature is a great canvas for expression.

Being bold with a pen or tapping the keyboard helps to reveal what’s in the heart.  That alone conveys joy to God and expresses how thankful I am for what He does for me and others.  To savor the memories, challenges, victories, dreams, love of family and friends, even the hardships, will keep the writing coming.  So, write your story and make it a worthy reading!

“Writing is a visual art.”

–Natalie Goldberg

Be magically inclined to write and speak your heart!

How I appreciate the joy of art and writing. You are a marvelous audience to behold. Let me know your thoughts, so I can learn something new from you.

Sahara Desert Bing Image