“If in bed I say, “When shall I arise?  then the nights drag on.”

–Job, Chapter 7:4

Today I am Jubilant!  Finally, can I glance behind the past 7 months afflicted with leg pain. Again, able to do everything I used to, especially my daily walk.  Through patient perseverance, I’ve been recreated in humble Joy.  The Lord has restored my prosperity.

“The Lord restored the prosperity of Job.”  Chapter 42:10

Heaven came to me in tribulation.  Angels decluttered remaining strongholds not part of my destiny and deposited more of God’s unfathomable Love.  This cleansing is irreplaceable.   It is done.

Whatever August brings I receive it.

Gladly there’s still more summer to enjoy.  Get out and be happy!

Painting by Kirstin Clausen