“God’s Glory is undeniable.”

–Julie Green

I hope this prophetic message given by Julie Green will encourage you to witness the plans God has for the restoration of the United States and the rest of the world.  This prophecy is doom for the wicked but holds promises for those who love and follow God.  As scribeforlove I am compelled to share this truth with anyone who has ears to hear.

“Thus, saith the Lord:

“We should know that we are God’s chosen ones.  Before the end of this year, I am taking authority over your cities, your families.  Regarding shortages, speak multiplications, you will not lack anything, you will have an overflow more than enough.”

“Speak victory and life and I will provide, so shout the enemies’ defeat, call them down.  Their chaos is for their destruction.  Take back control, these are the keys to our victory in the midst of the shakening.  Speak to evil and those walls will fall like Jerico, call them to nothing.  They are using bioweapons, but we have supernatural weapons – the Lord of Hosts to change the course going on the earth today.  These enemies you will never see again because I the Lord am for my people.”

“Changes to intensify.  Eruptions to take place, uproar in the world like a freight train.  Their attempt to create a civil war will come to naught.  Turnarounds and miracles to see.  Pray, believe, like never before.  Brace yourself.  My nation, a new United States is coming.  This blackout is the enemies’ fall.  Get ready for this transfer of wealth to bless the world.  Life will be so good it will seem like a dream.”

Shout the victory.  You have the whole armor of God, the blood covenant of Jesus Christ.  The joy of the Lord is our strength, saith the Lord.”

How phenomenal we are alive now to anticipate the coming of your Glory on the earth.

O Lord, I thank you.

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